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Case Studies

Security Company in Dublin

A security company in Dublin approached us because their bank were not in a position to support their acquisition of a competitor.

They were looking for a factoring facility to release cash from their existing business and also to provide working capital going forward. There were some minor historical credit issues that had concerned some lenders.

Our knowledge of the market and our relationships with senior decision makers allowed us to introduce a factoring company that could provide the funding.

The acquisition took place allowing our client to double turnover overnight.

Waste Disposal Company in Belfast

Our client already had a confidential invoice discounting facility in place with an independent invoice finance provider. However, they felt that they were paying too much.

When we scrutinised their agreement it transpired that there was a minimum base rate in the small print which meant that their fees were much higher than they originally thought.

Our knowledge of the market of lenders allowed us to introduce a lender without a minimum base rate and overall we were able to negotiate considerably lower fees. Our relationship with senior decision makers also allowed us to negotiate an exit without penalty from the existing invoice discounting lender.

If you would like to learn more about invoice factoring and invoice discounting, contact Smart Factoring Quotes and we can help you through the process. Alternatively you can take advantage of our free online invoice factoring or invoice discounting quote.